Q:What is this blog about?

A:Its about all the beautiful chubby girls out there.

Q:Who can submit pictures to this blog?

A:Yourself (a beautiful chubby girl), the boyfriend, hubby, bff etc, as long as they are pictures of girls.

Q:What kind of pictures can i submit?

A:Clothed or nude, showing off your curves and bodies.

Q:Are you really holding contests and giving prizes?

A: Yes, as the followers increase and we start getting more submissions we will start holding contests and giving prizes.

Q:What kind of contests and prizes are you holding and giving?

A:Themed contests, where girls or their bfs,hubbys,etc, will submit a certain picture of them, as for prizes we will give away all kinds, including gift cards, video games, digital cameras, electronics, and a lot of different stuff. As the blog grows bigger there will be better prizes ahead.

Q:Wait, I’m just a regular person who can’t enter those contests, because I’m not a girl or don’t have a gf, wife, friend who can submit pics, how can i win?

A:We will also hold contests where submitting pictures will not be required.